About Us

Royal Travellers is an active travel guide and safari adventure portal. It developed out of a family hobby of travel and adventurous safaris around the world. As a family we have travelled all over Africa and the world. We seek to share our adventurous experience and travel tips we have at hand.

The passion to travel led overtime to desire to sustain work-live balance and so the idea of travelling while working was borne. Toady, as we travel, we also work and have realised that laptop lifestyle while on the wheels is a reality.

Documenting our travel ideas, giving travel tips here and there, capturing most adventurous moments on our Safaris, something we initially did out of habit, is today our a major part of our work online while travelling laptop lifestyle. We therefore enlist our vision and mission  as follows:

The vision: 

To be a world class go-to travel and safaris web portal.

Our mission:

“To explore and build worthy safari experience, while sharing learnt lessons along the the way”

We intend to achieve our goals by incorporating the following core values in our daily encounters.

1. Care for the environment
To this end, we shall only promote activities that we encounter that are environment friendly, conscious of nature and  conservation centred.

2. Respect for cultures
We respect diversity of people’s cultures. We shall sample people’s cuisines and adore their ornaments and adopt their ways of life, with the same zeal as we encountered, inculcating equal respect for partners of diverse cultures.

3. Uphold human dignity
We do not propagate or promote gender based violence, gender bias, slavery or class differentiation. We respect people for who they are and what they are.

4. Collaboration
We collaborate with our partners and strike positions of win-win in all our dealings. We want to be in a better stead alongside side our partners in travel industry and not at their expense. We, Royal Travellers, would want to go far with our partners and together “Yes we can!”

Our Activities

Game drive

Most travel safaris end at a destination where you enjoy tours of wild animals. Most of our partners offer destination known for their early morning game tours and drives. We will not hesitate to recommend some of the known most adventurous and exciting destinations

The Giraffe


We understand that good outdoor entails over night chills in the wild or by the river or in some game campsite. We will share camping gears we use and some of the best camping sites from our experience.



Long walks across the country is what you may just need to maintain your sanity and keep away the doctor. Such hikes are known to help people get rid of excess wait and tone the body in shape. Royal travellers in in touch with many hiking groups to make your hikes enjoyable, affordable and eventually very refreshing.


If you are yearning to get an Adrenalin rush experience of a life time, zip-line is the kicker. Kenya boats of many zip-line sites and our monthly newsletter will review such sites to keep our readers spoilt for options on outdoors.

ice skating

Ice skating

When in Kenya and felt like doing what ice landers normally do, there are a number of places that can help with the drill. Its is particularly fun outing for family with teenage active kids, they will enjoy.

GP Karting

When your junior insist on enjoying the the thrills of driving and he is still under age, GP Karting is the solution. Sign up for our newsletter to get exciting places that offer this as a game.

Horse Riding

Horse riding is a race, with a whole set of rules and regulations too new to an outsider. If you are interested in getting hands on experience, learn all the technicalities and even take it up as a championship, sign up with us below and you may just hit the winner's jack port soon.

Jogging & marathon race

Whether you are in it to race and win the next marathon championship or just to keep fit and remain healthy, jogging and marathon is sure one way of maintaining healthy lifestyle. Remain signed up with us for latest in this sports sections.

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