7 travel preparation tips and ideas

Royal Travellers are essentially persons on travel of the world for adventure and entertainment. They travel to gain more exposure to natural environment, get meaningful experience, learn and discover new cultures. Like any endeavor, travelling especially into far adventurous places requires one to prepare well in advance. Some of the crucial preparatory actions are discussed as follows: 

  1. Plan for your royal travel.

If you are travelling to some place or country foreign to yours, it essential to research and may be rule out that your government has not listed your planned destination on a travel advisory or confirm that it is safe for you travel. Travel advisories have happened for many wrong reasons., such as increased risk of terrorism or even high prevalence of pandemic cases with no or little medical assistance on the ground.

2. Familiarity with the travel destinations on cultures, geographic sites and political stability can make for good research and informed planning too, all geared towards your safety and good health. Knowing in advance some of the best escapades or adventures to participate in will help inform what to carry. If its sightseeing, you may need binoculars and or a camera. Nowadays any average phone can take high quality photographs and video. So, carry your phone, not only to remain in communication with those you leave behind but as a tool to capture your best encounters.

3.Preview your routes for obstacles and challenges. Get your route plan and be prepared to overcome the challenges or avoid them essentially.

4.Be aware of potential health risk. The risk could be to you or to your family in while you are away. It is thus essential to take out life insurance or even health insurance prior to your travel. Some countries also require prior vaccination of visitors as a matter caution, with evidence of the jab required at the port of entry. In addition to that, remember to carry a first aid box with your regular medicine requirement and some kit for anticipated emergencies

5. Booking your flight
If you are travelling to your royal destination by air, often times it’s good to book in advance. This will help you safe on travel costs as early bird or advance bookings are prone to discounts.

6.Once inland, you will need to engage travel agents to either manage your movement and accommodation to and at adventure sites. For this, a number of travel agents and hotels do exist, and it helps to have prior arrangement for ease of pick and arrangement by a travel guide who will assist in delivery of smooth adventurous experience.

7. Other important staff to carry
In addition to the first aid kit, stuff like sunscreen solution, sun protection hat, comfortable clothes, sneakers or sports shoes, money belts or hidden purse and drinking water must be carried.

7. Hotel for your safe accommodation
Sometimes when on adventure travel, you may need a hotel to accommodate you while you tone down away from your usual bustle and for the most adventurous this can come in many ways ; presidential suites, family guest rooms, bridal homes or luxury yachts. Any of this can be pre-arranged with the right partners waiting to make home away from home happen.

Other essentials

  1. While trekking, do carry sleeping bags, trekking shoes, trekking rope of about 5 meters to allow safe climbing.
  2. While White Water Rafting, do arrange lifejackets, rafts, paddles and wetsuits for safe travel. Wear comfort fit life jacket, even a loose jacket will not provide any safety in case of emergency.
  3. While snorkeling, keep yourself safe by wearing snorkeling gadgets including snorkeling mask, snorkel and fins. Never go for snorkeling adventure amidst water currents, waves or complex entries inside the water.
  4. While Skiing, always use poles or skiing gadgets to balance you. To be safe, do not stop or halt yourself in blind curve or beneath the hill crest.
  5. While Mountain Climbing, always check safety knots before starting. Also check that the ropes are properly tied through both the harness leg loops and waist loop. Also keep in mind whether the harnesses of both the belayer’s and climber’s buckles are doubled back.
  6. While being on Wildlife Adventure or Night Safari, never leave your vehicle to watch wild animals from too close or to click their snaps. It could turn out to be very dangerous as you may get attacked by wild animals. It can endanger your life as well. So be informed about the risk exposures around you.

In summary, general tips you need are

  1. Know the closest location of your country’s embassy near your planned destination and have your passport or travel documents ready.
  1. Research on your destination, and how to get Visa there is a necessity. In some countries, you obtained visa on arrival while others require that you have your passport stamped at their embassy in your country before your departure.
  1. Research your activity. Before your get involved in your adventurous activity, it is essential that you rule out its illegality. For instance, it’s not always legal to hunt or kill wildlife, even as a hobby or game. Many governments or local counties have restricted games in wildlife.
  1. Health and safety. Your vaccinations for yellow fever are a must if you are entering any of the east African countries.Ensure you have protective gear, equipment or have acquired the necessary training before you engage.
  1. Enroll in smart traveler enrollment programme, where your government may share Travel Advisories and Alerts.
  1. Share you contact details with your loved ones left behind, of any, so that you can be reached in case of emergency.